Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.29.2016

 Happy Homemaker Monday...
I woke up and got right to work and I almost forgot what day it was.

Weather...  72 degrees

Right now I am...  Sipping water, Taking a break till the dryer stops.

Around my house... One Word...LORD!

Thinking...  Isn't an empty laundry basket pretty? but How does laundry add up so fast?

On TV... Fuller House, Wall-E, the Oscars, DTV/GRITT

On the menu... Mostly Crock Pot meals as we will not be away from home every night this week.

On my to do list...
Donate items
Pick Paint color for kitchen. It is currently Red my favorite color but I need a change.

Looking forward to... Answered prayers

From the camera...

                                                           I adore Twinkle lights...

The below photo makes me smile, it reminds me of when she was little and would want to do everything I did, "mama I want Pac-up" (make-up), "mama I want wear dress shoes high (high heels) I had just took a picture of twinkle lights, I backed up, looked up from phone to see her taking the same picture, and all those little "mama I want to do it too" moments came flooding in. I just smiled at her knowing she would probably say something like Lame if she knew what I was thinking lol

We stopped into a little tea shop on the other side of town, I fell in love with this piece. I wish I could draw like that. I will be on the hunt for an old shutter like this one.

Look at those lights-Tea Pots! Gasp!

We played a game of backgammon while sipping our tea.

getting a photo of my boy is like pulling teeth.

I LOVE that my girl still wants to take selfies with us. A lady in the shop sighed, smiled and told me that's so cute and amazing that she asked her daddy to take a selfie. Bella had me cracking up we face-swapped some photos-so funny. how do kids know about all these apps so fast?

It was a great weekend spent around town. I was so busy having fun I forgot to take more photos.
We went to mall, had Burgers at Five Guys, Shopped at the fountains spent to much time in West Elm & J. Crew, checked out shops and record store at The Montecillo, had drinks at The Tea Spout, Watched movies, and the Oscars (YAY LEO! - It's about dang time)  We fit in as much as we could between my daughters weekend school functions for engineering, NHS, and her Studies. Unfortunately  my son woke up on Sunday feeling under the weather,  he slept a lot and we both missed Family Dinner at Grandmas but got to watch the Oscars together. Go Leo! it's about time.

Prayer list...
Family and dear friend who just lost her sister.

Bible Verse/Devotional
I saw the Lord always before me, for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken.
Acts2: 25

Linking up with Sandra from Diary Of a stay At home Mom...


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fuller House?

Did you watch original? Did you Watch last night? What did you think?
We watched as a family, my kids thought it was a little corny when they sang, But we enjoyed it. I loved DJ's kids especially the baby in his little Elvis suit. The only thing I thought was not fitting was Stephanie's dress (pun intended) it was a bit inappropriate but that's just me. I couldn't help think are they trying to make her the sexy sister? and of course the absence of Michelle. my favorite part was the line about how Michelle was to busy with her classes at NYU and the whole cast stared at the camera -funny!

My Favorite cast member....

Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.22.16

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.22.2016

Good Morning, Hope you had a great week, mine was a bit busy and a lot did not go as planned, especially my menu. I like eating out but only once in a while, mostly if I get a craving, for special occasions and maybe on very hot days but I can't help feeling guilty eating out so much in one week.

My daughter spent a couple days out of town and on her last night home requested to move up her favorite dish: Chicken Spaghetti from there it all went downhill lol my hubby knew I was down, on Friday he called me up and said momma don't cook, I'm taking you out. being during Lent We went to Senior Fish.

Sat morning I got a call from my Mother in Love she was making Pozole- YUM
A dish I had never really liked till I had hers, She is a wonderful cook! I don't think I have ever had a dish of hers I didn't like. the first time I tried her Pozole I ate three big bowls :::insert snout here:::

Sunday, our daughter was to arrive around 5a.m. but texted us it would be more like 3:00a.m. so my hubby left about 2:30a.m. turns out they did arrive early but dropped off students from another campus who just happened to have an attempted break in that morning. So the students had to wait for the all clear. My daughter did not get to her campus till 4:30 my poor hubby. We spent most of Sunday Sleeping. That night we took her out to celebrate and she wanted Pizza So 3 nights in a row, We ate out. I feel full just writing that down. On to...

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather... Nice 48 degrees!  high today will be in the 70's

Right now I am... Sipping my second cup of coffee.

Thinking... That I am happy this weekend is over. I was so happy my daughter placed high in the last Robotics competition enough to make it to next round and travel to Lubbock TX. but being an overprotective mom, I do not like when my babies are away from me at all! I didn't sleep much till she was back home.(God help me when they go off to college)

Reading Pile... Same as last week plus My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife by Sara Horn
I am only reading what I can online but think I need to purchase because it is so funny.

On My T.V... I am waiting for Fuller House to start on Netflix! We did watch The Pope's Visit and Mass with all the news coverage of his arrival, Departure, etc. it seemed like we were watching a lot of TV This weekend me and My son watched Nemo, Despicable Me, and a bit of Avatar which is a long movie, the first too We Love and never tire of watching.

Favorite Blog Post...  Do the first two comments from fellow bloggers count? : )

Something Fun To Share... My daughters Robotics team is the first all girls team and they placed 4th out of 36 teams at this weekends competition! of course the girls were a bit bummed because they didn't win the tie breaker which would of meant they went on to San Antonio. They did however bring back the first trophy in 4 years! their two teachers for  Engineering & Aerospace were so happy, these two men are such great teachers and I cant thank them enough for all they are teaching my daughter.

Blog Hopping... Newly discovered: Jean at So Not Organized
and Tammy at Savory Kitchen Table

On the Menu... :::crossing fingers:::  : )

M- Ground beef Tacos, Rice & Beans
T- Chicken Malibu, Baked Potato, Green salad
W- 8 can soup, French Bread
T- Crock Pot Meal: BBQ Ribs, Mashed potatoes, Corn on the cob. Corn Bread
F- Lent: Cheese Enchiladas, Rice & Beans
S- Spaghetti with meat sauce, Garlic bread, green Salad
S- Family Dinner at G's menu undecided ?

On My To Do List... Laundry, Clean out fridge, try to resist temptation to put up Easter decorations  till Marc 1rst.

In The Craft Basket... Untouched crafts : (

Looking Forward To This Week... Tuesday! lol my hubby is sick  and as much as I love having him home, I tend to not do much when he is.  I don't know about you but I sort of like my routine so when one day is missed the rest of my weeks off.  I usually walk around lost asking things like What day is it again?

Looking Around House... Lets just say you can tell my mind was on getting my daughter back home.

From The Camera...

On My Prayer List... As always my family prayers, and for a friend who just lost her Brother and a new online friend's son who has taken the loss of the family cat very hard.

Bible Verse/Devotional... Saw this online and Love it...
Enlighten what's dark in me,
Strengthen what's weak in me,
Mend what's broken in me,
Bind what's bruised in me,
Heal what's sick in me,
And lastly,
Revive whatever peace and love
has died in me.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello Blog World

Hi! I'm Rowana but my Friends call me Row.

I have been a fan of blogs since about 2009 I even started my own in 2011 mostly to keep track of the blogs I follow. I journal and Love taking photos but as of yet I haven't got posts from pen and paper to my actual blog.

I recently started following a few new blogs like Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at home Mom and want to join in on all the fun. I'm not sure how to add links & photos but I decided to Give it up to the Lord and try again, thought today would be a good day to take the plunge and hit the send button. Here We Go! :::gulp:::

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather..... Clear and Cool 46 degrees

 Right now I am.... Sipping coffee hoping this works

 Thinking.... About my weekend with family. I shopped and went to lunch with hubby, did crafts and watched a movie with daughter, watched same movie with son, played board games, and laughed so hard I cried. (The movie was The Martian. Have you seen it yet? Warning there is some profanity. my kids really wanted to see it so it was one of my "Pick your battle" mom decisions. Glad I did as we really enjoyed it.)

 On my reading pile.... My Bible, Jesus calling, Hannah's list, The fifth wave.

 On my TV..... Bonanza, Emergency, etc. I like old shows. Counting down the days till Fuller House starts on Netflix.

 Favorite blog post last week (mine or other).... All from Afternoon Coffee & Evening Tea

 Something fun to share.... Last night me and my son fell asleep from laughing so hard. We play a game where we try to guess a movie using only quotes. I have the bad habit of falling asleep. So my son says "have you guessed it?" and my reply was "that payless is hardly ever open" then "but that's not my answer" My Son says What? and we both start rolling with laughter. I guess I was half listening, half asleep and dreaming...We laughed until we cried. him more so because of my laugh - When I laugh hard nothing comes out but that wheezing noise like the dog in Wacky Racers or worse I start to snort! well we both fell asleep from laughing so hard. Fun times!

 Blog hopping (newly discovered blog).... Diary of a Stay at home Mom

 On the menu for this week....

M - Lasagna, Green Salad, Garlic bread
T - Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Dinner rolls
W - Baked Chicken, Pasta, Corn, Green Salad
T - Crock Pot Meal: 8 can soup
F - Lent: Cheese Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans
S - Pizza & Movie night
S - Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti

 On my to do list....Lunches, Counters, Dust, Windex, Sweep and Laundry! yes that is an exclamation point after laundry, it's just something I've always loved doing. When I was little my parents owned one of those old fashioned washing  machines where you feed the clothes though rollers "wringer"  well one day my little hands went along and I had to reverse the rollers to get them out. Not one finger broke...I guess that's a sign I'd be able to do laundry for the rest of life, So I might as well get used to it. Plus I so enjoy tucking my family into freshly washed sheets and watching them take a big whiff and say Thanks Mom! melts my heart every time.

 In the craft basket....Another coffee filter wreath and Crochet: working on my tension and granny squares.

 Looking forward to this week.... Baking: Banana nut bread and possible trip out of town.

 Looking around the house.... I need to take down Valentines d├ęcor and possibly start decorating for Saint Patrick's day.

 From the camera....

 On my prayer list..... My Fathers Health, my Sister's health and continued progress. for my Niece and Nephews to find God, For My Nephew to find a God Fearing Woman & Attend church. For my SIL's upcoming surgery and reaching her ultimate goal.

 Bible verse, Devotional.... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
-Joshua 24:15