Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 9.11.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 9.11..2017

 first things first...
So many years later and  I still feel heartache, shock and disbelief. I don't think that will ever change.
God Bless America.

If I allow myself I will think on this I will fall into a deep angry rut, So I say my prayers and tuck it back into my heart, which goes out to all those who lost loved ones.

Boy how do you go on from that, I am not sure so I will just say on to HHM

linking up with Sandra  at Diary of a stay at home mom for HHM

The Weather... Not chilly enough for me-come on fall! FALL!

Right now I am... sipping my coffee trying to type this out and I hear my dog yapping away at the neighbor ::eye roll::

It baffles me how my dog can see our neighbor everyday, numerous times, and still bark at him. Ok Who talks to their pets? I mean really talk. I have full conversations-and ask questions like-"Tinkerbell! why do you bark at neighbor? You see him everyday! you know neighbor! don't be so mean. What did neighbor do to you? hum??? he is always so nice to you and you just bark-that's rude Tinkerbell. now be nice. and you know she sits looking up at me the whole time and I half expect some answers. and when I'm done YUP she runs off barking at the neighbor  which by the way is not his name but what he call him because he always says "Hey neighbor!"

On my reading pile...  Ya know its there but I haven't touched it much.

Movies or shows I watched this weekend/On my T.V....
I have been under the weather with a head cold so not being able to sleep, I watched way more Netflix than usual. This is what I have been checking out. - I actual spend too much time flipping though looking for something interesting, think about switching over to hulu or hallmark-or is it pureflex? but I don't.

our family has been watching Last Man Standing almost every night. so funny.

and I have been switching around from...
Heartland which I love. but the boys not so much.

I S-L-O-W-L-Y watch The Walking Dead Im not really into zombies but I catch myself wanting to know what happens next. I think its been a year and im still on first season lol

I just discovered this last night Bloodline I didn't think Id like it but checked it out because I like...
 Sam Sheppard (R.I.P.)
 Sissy Spacek
and Kyle Chandler
any who I binge watched it and cant wait to see what happens.
it is actually (for me) hard to understand what's going on but again, I want to see what happens next. or actually what happened in past. a little confusing but getting good.

Menu for this week...
M- Crock pot Chicken with Carrots & Potatoes
T- Chicken Flautas, Rice & Beans
W- Potato soup
Th- Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
F- Pizza

On my to do list...
Swish & Swipe Rest Rooms
Dinner Check! Love my Crock pot
Take it easy and rest!

What I am creating...
 Just playing my planner.

Looking around the house...
I really need to find the energy to bring out fall.

From the camera...
I cant figure out where I uploaded my photos to and im feeling to sick to search.

What I am wearing...
Blue leggings and a blue mother daughter conference tee from 2013 yikes.

Simple Pleasure... being the only person up early or late.

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share...

and just like that I'm exhausted. Have a great week, thanks for stopping in peeps.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 8.28.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 8.28.2017

Linking up with Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom

Good Afternoon. I love the photo above because it reminds me of my son getting home from school, of course now a days our kiddos come carrying a heavy back pack. One of the first things I do is welcome my son home with a hug and take his back pack for him,  and I'll tell you I think my arms going to fall off. mind you I'm pretty petite but Its heavy! even for hubby. 
 Hope you are all having a great start to your week.

*Spoiler alert nail biting video of my daughter on tight rope at the end of this blog
ok maybe its just me biting my nails but I wish I had a video of me watching it:
screaming, cheering, yelling lol

The Weather... 90 degrees but my mind is on Hurricane Harvey. My heart and my Prayers go out to anyone in area.

Right now I am... Just got with lunch and talking with my son about his day. My SIL also just left she picks up her baby Drew every weekday around this time and we get to catch up. even though I was just at her house on Sunday lol you know sisters are never caught up with conversations.

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend... Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (again) My son purchased the DVD. Last Man Standing.

 On My TV...
You Tube Videos
Some of you were interested in the cleaning channels I watch so I'm linking a few of my faves here. most of these I found after watching the home tour video they had put up.
The one I talked about last week is Keep Calm and Clean

here's one of her home tours below

and a few more...
She's in her apron - She is not only inspiring but FUNNY!

Kimberly at Style Mom XO
 The Creator of The Power Hour Challenge- Try it, It Works!

Lindsey's LifeNstyle

and last but certainly NOT least...

Mickey with My Bashful Life (LOVE HER!)
She is such a lady, I love her home, her style, and her organization tips are great!

Hope you find some cleaning inspiration and some favorite new channels
Your Welcome : )

On The Menu...

Monday - Chicken Malibu
 my favorite dish from the Restaurant Sizzlers in California. that I missed so much my momma learned to make and taught me. Basically S/B chicken breasts dredged in egg then bread crumbs, fried and at end add a piece of ham and Swiss cheese over it ready when cheese is melted. served with sauce- so simple but I could never figure it out.
 (thanks momma)
 just mix equal parts mayo and mustard till desired consistency.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday
Wednesday: Crock pot meal
Thursday -Pioneer woman's Mexican chicken
Friday - Pizza Night

On My to do list...
Diner Dishes

From the camera...College Life! a couple of Videos of what My Dolls first week of college.

Dorm Tour & E2 Engineers camp
(my brave girl on a tight rope)

What I'm wearing today... All Grey

One of my simple pleasures...  Pumpkin Spice creamer in my morning coffee.

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share...

Thanks for reading, Happy Monday Ya'll

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 8.21.17

Happy Homemaker Monday 8.21.17
evening edition

Linking up with Sandra at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom

Sorry I have been M.I.A. I miss you guys, I have tried to pop in to your blogs and so much has happened to my blogging friends, some good, some very sad, but all changes. I understand as It has been a busy and bittersweet time around here. been focused on Family time. So much has happened it would take me forever to try and put it all down so I'll just move on to HHM...

The Weather... cooling down and I love it!  today it was 68 degrees.

Right now I am... Relaxing in my P.J. typing this up before heading to bed.

Reading Pile... dust! as I have been re-reading some faves when I get a chance.

Movies or shows I've watched this weekend... I went to the movies with my boys on Saturday to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy and I liked it, mainly because of the music and this little guy...So Cute.  And how the heck does Kirk Russell still have so much hair?

On My T.V....

We've been enjoying Last man standing. Tim Allen is so funny.

On the menu this week...
M- BBQ Chicken, Brown Rice and Steamed Broccoli
T- Sloppy Joes 
W- C/P Meal
T- undecided
F- Pizza

On my to do list...Keep it together man! (missing my daughter)

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating...
 I've thought about pulling my sewing machine out, does that count. played in planner today, doodled and colored a bit.

Looking around the house... starting to get things ready for a yard sale/donations
From the camera... I've been trying to post on IG and FB not doing great but getting a few pics up here and there. But here are a couple main things that have happened...

My Baby Boy Started High School
and My Baby Girl Started College

I can hardly talk or write about it with out getting teary eyed It is so hard leaving your baby miles away from home. But she's doing Amazing.
We are so proud of both our kiddos.

What I wore today - green capris, green and white striped top.

One of my simple pleasures - Cleaning Videos on you tube. I have been catching up on Keep Calm and Clean - Love her. Check her out for yourself.  funny that Sandra mentioned homesteading videos I watch them to and tiny houses too I don't know what my obsession is with them I just like to watch.

Inspirational Quote, etc.
A prayer from todays devotional on Bible App.
(the plan is called: Moments with God for Moms)

Father, as I go about my day, show me how I can be wise with my time. You know my schedule. You know what I need to accomplish; help me make the most of this day that you have given me. I pray that I will accomplish what I need to and give myself grace on matters that have to be put on hold. I give you this day, Father. Do with it what you will.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 6.20.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 6.20.2017
(on a Tuesday)

Good Morning. I sat down at least three times yesterday to blog and it just didn't happen, I think because I must be on Vacation mode with kids being home. Yesterday we had family over to celebrate Fathers day and I didn't take one picture ugh. but it's ok because we were busy spending time together laughing and having fun. My hubby had a great day and was spoiled lots.This morning I woke up a little after 5 but didn't roll out of bed till 6 and here it is almost 9am hubby just left for work an hour ago and I am getting this post up before kiddos awake.

Linking up with Sandra at Diary Of A Stay At Home Wife for HHM
                                                    Join Us! : )

Right now I am... On my 2nd cup of coffee, just finished this...

On My Reading Pile...more than 7 books - Slowly but surly

Movies or shows I've watched this weekend... hubby rented John Wick 2 I usually don't like these kinds of movies, but since watching the end I have been wanting to watch the whole thing-I still didn't lol

On my T.V.... Friends  we have been binge watching from the beginning, I've seen them all before but I still crack up especially at Joey, Bella always says "Poor Joey, He is like a little baby"

On the menu for this week...
M- Left overs from Fathers Day BBQ
T- Taco Tuesday!
W- BBQ Chicken
T- Spaghetti
F- Pizza

On my to do list...

What I am Creating...4th of July crafts

Looking around the house... Yay it's clean.

From the Camera...
Me and Bella had a game night (by candlelight) I forgot to take pic but video on my IG

What I am wearing today...
Black Capris & an old cheesecloth Concert T-Shirt

One of my simple pleasures...
Listening to the birds chirp outside

Quote, etc...

Have a great day Peeps!
Love, Row.

Monday, June 12, 2017



Sorry I have been M.I.A. I have been busy Celebrating my Children, Spending time with Family & Friends.
and now that they are both on break this last week we had some awesome "Do Nothing but be together" time I am loving it!
We were all so drained so it was nice to sleep in and lounge around after Church and celebrations last Sunday & Monday. Only poor hubby had to go back to work. Both our children graduated Isabella from high school and Adam from middle school. Then Isabella had her confirmation. Adam starts this month, and Rapunzel Isabella cut her hair off. She couldn't wait! Today she is sleeping in after having fun a friends graduation party last night. BTW I have to say I LOVE that her and her friends watched beauty and the beast at this party. I Love that her group of friends get together to "party" and it usually involves watching a Disney flick, lots of snacks, music, dancing around and  lots of laughing - just being silly. Adam is celebrating one of his best friends birthday with his buddy's they went to the movies then swimming.  I hope you all have been having a great Month. Ill try to keep pictures to a minimum because I must of taken over a thousand in the last couple of months.  enjoy...

                                     College Signing Day...

Adams Middle School Graduation

My Sunshine <3

His Grandma Took him out to lunch at his favorite Chinese restaurant
and later that night His auntie and Uncle took him out to his favorite pizza place.
His Grandma and other Uncle Marc. We are blessed with family, But we were not complete, if you notice Our Bella was not present : ( she was sad to miss out on her little brothers Graduation but she had a mandatory Graduation rehearsal after an award ceremony- The first ever that we missed. We Pride ourselves on always being there for both out kids and the very last award ceremony we miss. We were going to split but she knew we wanted us to be there for Adam and understood "you have seen all of mine-its ok-its a small one" then she comes home with a Academic Scholar award from the USMC!!!!! What?  Given by a Marine in full uniform, Only given to 2 students! Both of her Grandpas are Marines so we said either Grandpa Les enlisted her or this is Grandpa Oscars way of saying Hi from heaven. We did have good friends there to be there for her and video tape it all.
I don't know how parents of a lot of children do it-I will always feel bad for missing it. But am so proud of both of our babies.

My Doll off to Graduation...
I wish I would of video taped the process of getting her in her gown and trying to put on bib, stoles, medals and cords I think it would of been funny to watch it in fast motion. but we had no time we literally pulled over we jumped out and I dressed her in gown and she joined her friends - graduates had to be early for one last practice run. btw why don't they make all stoles a different size? they all get buried under each other.

                                                                    Girl Power!...
"HI MOM!" Oh bring on the water works.

Rocking the mic... I Love to watch this girl of mine speak to an audience here she is addressing  the crowd-her biggest ever. nerves of steel.

  Here she is with her God Parents who had a get together at their place after the ceremony.

and a pit stop downtown for her future ASU sun devil  pic.
 The next day was her Confirmation, we celebrated with family.

Sunday night we only attended one party after coming home to nap but we  had too much food, laughter, dancing -So Fun! then  she couldn't wait to do this...cut it all off for Locs of Love her 3rd time.

Thank you for sticking around peeps hope you enjoyed our celebrations.
Love, Row.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 5.8.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 5.8.2017

Linking up with Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom for HHM

Good morning,
 I hope you had a good weekend.  We don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo but Friday was also my Sister In Laws Birthday so we always celebrate her, we had a BBQ at her home and Lets just say Ribs were involved. I may or may not have had three servings hee hee
Saturday we had a slow morning then dropped Bella off for her study group then Me Hubby & Adam went to the Mall. afterwards we headed over to Barnes & Noble Where Bella and her group met, They all looked so happy but into their work. I wish I would of taken a picture.
 Yesterday we attended our little cousins First Holy Communion. It was great to see family, My hubby has a big family, you know the kind that you have to start saying goodbyes about ten minutes before you actually leave. They are all so nice and we had a Great time.
On to HHM...

Weather... it's 69 degrees, feels more like 80

What I am Reading... My daughter is reading this and on the way home she fell asleep, so while I was holding book I started reading- after only a few pages, I am hooked.

Movies or Shows I watched/On my TV... 
We have been watching any ASU/Barrett Honors College/Dorm Hauls & Tours We can find on You Tube They help since we cant just drive over. (till June)
Friday We watched a bit of Lion at my SIL's but could not really hear it over family chatter. We do plan on renting it soon. At home me and Bella watched Pride & Prejudice (again) lol
Last night I watched a bit of Longmire with hubby, Then stayed up too late watching the first two episodes of Call the Midwife S5

On the Menu...
M- Spaghetti
T- Beef Tacos, Rice & Beans
W- BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
T- Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
F- Homemade pizza

On My To Do List...
Laundry-all bedding
Restrooms- Countertops, Swish & Swipe
I hope to get things done and be inspired to sit and play in my planner, I've been so tired and overwhelmed with College stuff I haven't had or taken the time.

What I am Creating/Looking forward to...
I Love looking at planners on IG and Videos on you tube I Love  Rowena from Mama Row/Toasty Craft Room  check out her IG here  She is such a sweetie.
I just ordered my first Coffee cozy and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I cant wait to order inserts but have to get my planner first -Yes I'm thinking of ordering a new one- fell in love with the Filofax Malden
any who if you haven't already please check her out.

Happening this week...Back to the dentist for me

Looking around the house... Not bad but I do need to dust.

From The Camera... Our Cousins held The Communion Celebration at Sonoma Ranch Golf Course in New Mexico. It is so Beautiful there!  Here are Bella & Adam with G - isn't she cute?

What I'm Wearing... Grey Capris and Grey Gap Tee

One of my simple Pleasures...The Quiet of our home when I am the only one awake.

Bible Verse or Devotion...
"For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should following his steps."

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My 2 Teenagers...

What I have been up to...
Sorry I missed the last Happy Homemaker Monday but...
Our two teenagers keep us on our toes!
Especially our oldest who is a High School Senior.
here are some pictures of our past couple of weeks.

Our Children are pretty much complete Opposites:

Our Daughter Isabella Likes to be home reading a book, watching movies, listening to music, drawing, crafting or shopping with me - during her down time, but usually she's studying or running off somewhere. Most of the time it's a study group, volunteering, or a school meeting. She likes to be involved and go out, she is easy going and will try new things.  and if you cant tell she loves taking pictures.

Our Son Adam is happy being at home reading a book, watching a movie, playing video games, or playing with the dogs. He loves Pizza and his mommas food, but doesn't like to try new things especially restaurants.  He is a sweet boy who helps me around the house *if I ask but pretty much groans about everything lol  and again if you cant tell he hates taking pictures.

Bella at her NHS Senior banquet where she received her NHS Bib Blue  for 3 years of service, she is an officer: Vice President.
Yellow Honor cords for being apart of organization for the past three years & going above & beyond.
Her Medal she won For Project of the year Goal was $500 Her group raised 1,378.
NHS together raised over $3,000 for La Posada house
(the photo of them presenting check is in my last post)
I am so proud of her and all these kids!

The next photo  She received a STEM award for her Engineering Project.
Here She is sneaking a photo with Adam -
He got Commended in two of his STARR tests!
 sadly his campus did not have a ceremony.
But our family  got together to celebrate him, Where did he want to go... you guessed it he wanted PIZZA! lol
and I was not allowed to take photos hee hee.
We are still waiting to see if they will be having an 8th grade graduation ceremony.
And then Senior Prom...

And Last but not least She Picked...
We have been SO BUSY with the process, many late and sleepless nights, some tears (not from me yet) but her Daddy and poor Grandma are having a hard time with her moving away.

I know I will be a mess come August, for now I am only having a hard time with the mascot. (sun devils) Blah!  I know hate is a strong word, but really? couldn't they have picked the Sun Angels? or Just the Sun? or something else :::insert eye roll:::

 I am so happy for her-She is spreading her wings and she's going to soar! of course I'd love for her to be close, UTEP is only a 20 minute drive away, but She was blessed with a wonderful scholarship for ASU, invited to apply & accepted into the Barrett Honors program and made it into the engineering program.
Plus they have robotics! She was hooked.
So this is our life at the moment, lots of paperwork,phone calls, research, finances, travel plans, picking building/dorm, roommate search, making lists of what she will need. all while trying to plan her Graduation party and also her Confirmation which btw is on the same day...Prayers Welcomed.

Thanks for Listening.
Love, Row.