Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend with Fam Bam!

Our Weekend

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was great. Since it was our somewhat official first weekend of break, because hubby had a rare Friday off,  and so did Bella. She is going to summer school and get this she signed up for it! she is our little overachiever. I cant complain because she is getting some college courses taken care of early. and her hard work ethic makes me so proud.

Every year we try to take advantage of the free summer concerts, in above photo we are chilling at our first event Alfresco Fridays watching Route 66 play Retro Music. I was excited thinking retro meant all 80s music but it was more 50's and such loved that they played some Beatles! They also played Tears for Fears but knowing my hubby is not a big fan of dancing especially in the very hot heat in front of a huge crowd, I looked to my daughter who said  "I am NOT dancing Mom" before I even asked lol
This from a girl who used to always drag me out as soon as she heard music! I guess the teenage years are kicking in late- she's almost an adult...and yes that is an adult beverage in my hand - if you know me you know I don't like beer but it was hot and I actually enjoyed it. I had better for what they were charging: knowing how hot it would be and also not allowing drinks in this was as my late Father In Law would call it...A Clip Joint!

After the show we walked over to the Newly Re-Constructed San Jacinto Plaza Where they also had bands playing music, It was getting late but we wanted to check it out and take some photos, cant wait to go back with my real camera and get some in the daytime.

She wont dance with her mama during the daytime outdoor concert but this girl will take pictures like nobody's business and don't even get me started on the selfies : )

I liked this building I couldn't help wonder why only two little lights on?

Parking garage view. Those purple lights are the freeway. I remember when my husbands God Daughter visited she said "What are they trying to make it cool now?" lol I always think of her as we pass.
I Love that they light it up with an American Flag. I was waiting for it to go all Purple for Prince but I guess lights on the freeway are as cool as we get.

Daughters last family Selfie as you can tell our children both look just like my hubby.
his friend says your poor wife all she did was birth them.
I hope you had a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great time!
    Love the family selfie!!!
    We are all about selfies here with Madison. : )
    Have a nice week with your sweet family!

    1. Thank you Billie Jo, you do the same : )