Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fuller House?

Did you watch original? Did you Watch last night? What did you think?
We watched as a family, my kids thought it was a little corny when they sang, But we enjoyed it. I loved DJ's kids especially the baby in his little Elvis suit. The only thing I thought was not fitting was Stephanie's dress (pun intended) it was a bit inappropriate but that's just me. I couldn't help think are they trying to make her the sexy sister? and of course the absence of Michelle. my favorite part was the line about how Michelle was to busy with her classes at NYU and the whole cast stared at the camera -funny!

My Favorite cast member....


  1. I loved Fuller House but there are quite a few inappropriate jokes sprinkled in the series. My husband watched bits of it and actually compared it to Two and a Half Men except with women (I don't think it was quite that bad but it's certainly not exactly a Disney flick either).

    1. I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment.