Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.20.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.20.2017
Good Morning, Does anyone else feel like the week flew by? I hope you all enjoyed Valentines Day. We celebrate as a family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The weather... right now its in the low 40's -which means I made my son change from his shorts into pants-he was not a happy camper, I could tell by the way he slowly said  Yes Ma'am  then hung his head as he went back into his room to change, which made me smile thinking of when our children were young and we had to scold them but they were so cute we had to try very hard not to laugh.

On my bedside table... My barely touched reading pile, lamp, lotion, clock.

On my T.V... Little House On The Prairie We are now on Season 2 and my hubby says I've got him hooked on it -I am baffled how he never watched it growing up. I loved the episode called Harvest of friends where Charles works 2 jobs but gets hurt and the men of the town all come to help him. I also forgot about all the guest stars like Sean Penn

On the menu for this week...
Our menu changed a bit last week due to my son staying home sick one day and hubby wanting 8 can soup last night.  It should be easier this week but I find myself not so excited. I feel like I lose my mojo if my menu plan changes but just gonna roll with it.

M- Spaghetti with meat sauce, toasted bread, and Green Salad.
T- C/P meal moved from last week-Pesto chicken
W-Cheese Enchiladas, rice & beans
F-Pizza & Salad
S- C/P meal moved over from last week-BBQ Chicken

P.S. I'm still dreaming of this Chicken parm. from Olive Garden ...

On my to do list... Laundry, Dishes, and a few chores. I feel a bit burned out today as I've been having Migraines on and off.

What am I creating... Not much as I'm struggling with getting my tension right. And am in a planner funk at the moment.

Looking forward to... My daughter coming home from her robotics competition , They advanced and will be traveling to Lubbock -she hasn't even left yet and I miss her. She is always so busy,  I think Kids now a days hardly have any down time. One of the reasons I like to hang out at home. Plus I am excited for her but also dreading her going off to college next year.

Looking around the house... NOPE lol it's clean but I'm just not feeling it. might be the fact that we have tons of valentines candy everywhere.

From the Camera... I took this picture for my Sister in Law and I only had to take 100 photos to get this guy to pose for me lol

He also got to play Doctor to My Adam who was home sick...
One of my Simple pleasures ... Toast with Butter & Jam

Bible Verse or Devotional...
"Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you main gain wisdom for the future."
Proverbs 19:20


  1. I love HHM too. I finally got a chance to visit. I've been craving Chicken Parm too!
    Hope your week is great!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you stopped by too : )
      Hope you have a lovely week.

  2. Happy Monday, Row! Have you watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? The photo of Michael Landon made me think of Joe Lando who plays the male lead in Dr. Quinn. If your husband liked Little House, I think he'd enjoy Dr. Quinn, I know mine did. What is 8 can soup? It sounds a little like Brownie Soup we made at camp when I was a Brownie leader. Each girl had to bring a can of vegetables and we added them to a pot with broth, noodles, and cooked ground beef. They all pronounced it delicious! I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from migraines; I did when I was younger but thankfully, no longer. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Pamela, yes I remember watching it on T.V. isn't Jane Seymour so pretty. Thanks for the reminder I'm going to put that on my list to watch after the LHOTP series. 8 can soup is a recipe I stumbled across by accident on a coupon site I use to frequent I will post soon. your soup sounds yummy and cute too must be the girl scout reference lol Have a great week.

  3. I love watching Little House! It's always fun to watch. Your menu looks good too.

    1. I agree Kristina even if it makes you cry at times-its a good cry : )

  4. Love Little House...
    Love Toast with butter and Jam...
    Love that cute puppy!
    Hope your son is feeling better, my friend!
    Happy Monday!

    1. Well friend, I love you and your lovely comment : ) Happy Monday!

  5. I LOVED Little House on the Prairie - I think I watched it 3 times through! There were also episodes with Jason Bateman and Shannen Doherty.

    Cute photos - hope your son is feeling better.

    1. Hi Tammy, Yes I remember those! I'm not sure which real Housewives the Richards sisters are in but I think the blonde one is Kim Richards? She plays Olga the little blonde girl Mr. Ingalls helps walk right by making her a shoe with wood at the bottom. Thank you for the well wishes, My son is feeling a bit better just trying to get rid of his cough now. have a great Tuesday : )

  6. I think it is always fun to be surprised by the guest spots of actors when they were younger. Love the Valentine photo and hope your son is feeling better today. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Jean. me too! I cant believe I forgot about Sean Penn. Hope your off to a great Wednesday!

  7. Hi Sweetie! Playing catch up. ;) Hope those pesky migraines have left you alone now!
    I love that your Hubby is watching LHOTP with you too. And Sean Penn?? Aaaacck!! He looks SO YOUNG!! Lol
    Yay for Daughter - that's so awesome!!
    I've had Olive Gardens chicken parm - oh ya for yummy!!

    Blessings on the rest of the week Doll. xoxo

  8. Hi Row, glad to meet you!
    Here's the response to your comment on my HHM at Harvest Lane Cottage.

    Hi Row,
    Your comment made me grin. Gotta love homemade cocoa! My grammy used to make it for me when I was little.
    I'll come visit you.

    Father God, I pray that you will break the power of migraines in Row, that the tension will be released in her body, that her body, mind, and spirit will be in perfect peace as she trusts in you, that migraines will not return. I pray it all in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the blood shed for our sins and for our healing. Amen.

    Hugs to you Row!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. I loved watching Little House on the Prairie while I was growing up. :)