Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.27.2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 2.27.2017

Can you believe we are on the last HHM of February already? I'm late putting this up because I dozed off after my bible study this morning. I thought I'd take a little cap nap but when I awoke an hour had past, I guess I needed it, I  hadn't been sleeping well because my daughter was out of town and you know us mommas, we have to know all our little chicks are safe. So I had to move double time and then got into a cleaning frenzy. before I knew it kiddos were home from school. so here I sit while they do homework taking a break with a tall glass of iced milk and my PB&J : )

 linking up with Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom.

The Weather... 71 this Texas weather is so unpredictable one day chilly, one day hot.

On My T.V. still watching season 2 of little House On the Prairie
and this...
Such a great movie! "Please God Just one more" I really wanted this movie to win picture of the year last night. btw what did you think of the La La land mix up at the end-Boy these award shows have been slacking.

M - Enchiladas, Rice & Beans
T- Chicken Cordon Blu
W- Mostaccioli
T- Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn. 
F- Pizza
S - ???
S - Out to eat with our God Son and family : )

On My to do List...
Wash Sheets
wash blankets
Clean Rest rooms
Sweep floors
Mop floors
rearrange hubby's clothes

What I am Creating... does choosing fabric for a TN count lol  I decided to go with a fabric one for Bible Study and waiting on a B5 to come back in stock. p.s. if your looking for a fabric Travelers Notebook check out my friend Lisa - Just_Stitched on etsy.  You can see her items on IG under the same name, She is a very sweet and so talented.  She has the cutest aprons too!

Looking Forward To... Our God son and family joining us for church on Sunday

Looking around the house...  : )

From the camera...
Hubby took most of the photos from this weekend but here's one of my doll who I am happy to say is now home safe and sound.

One of my simple pleasures... Naps!

Bible verse or Devotional...



  1. Wow, would you please bring your cleaning frenzy to my house? It needs it! I also can't believe February is gone (today is the last day) already. Hope you have a great week!

  2. ha ha My back is paying for it jean.

  3. Look at you just crossing things off that list!!!!
    Maybe I should MAKE a list! : )
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

    1. I've got Lists coming out of my Ying yang : )

  4. Oh I enjoyed seeing what you've been up to and all you shared. You're making great progress on the list.
    Here's my reply to your comment at Harvest Lane Cottage.

    Hi Row,
    Yes, I do love Aunt Ruthie. We live about an hour and a half apart. Who knows? Maybe we will meet one day.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. They lifted me up tonight.

    Thanks for "talking back" at Harvest Lane Cottage. Do you know that your comments come through to my email as a "no reply blogger"? If you'd like to get direct responses to your comments more often, you might like to know how to change that. I wrote about it in this blog post.

    If you're like me, you don't have time to go back and check on other blogs to see if you've gotten a response to your comment. I sometimes can take time to track down commenters, but I'm usually short on time.

    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  5. Hacksaw Ridge was an amazing movie! I'm late getting around to everyone from HHM - have a great rest of your week!

    1. I loved it Pamela! I am usually late getting back to HHM because I end up visiting blogs you all recommend : )